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Taming project scope - controlling feature creep

I was thinking about our projects management processes the other day. All projects require fairly complex interactions and need a useful way to scope, something we haven't always done successfully. This article is useful: What's the Problem?: A List Apart

Posted by Sam at 11:39 AM March 10, 2005 | Comments (0) | Category: Web Development

Choosing Flickr photos

Nice door

I'm learning that I can use Flickr to help me decide what photos I want to print. The most comments or most viewed features filter what might be considered the best images of a set. What's your favourite?

Posted by Tran at 03:20 PM February 24, 2005 | Comments (0) | Category: Miscellaneous Photos

Web Standards Link Bonanza

SimpleBits has a great list of URLs for web standards everything.

Posted by Kate at 02:38 PM July 06, 2004 | Comments (0) | Category: Web Design

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