System Plan

Name: Julie Yarnold
Student Number: 84123455

Project Scope

A website for a personal trainer that allows clients and potential clients to access information about the trainer, services, exercise sessions, to sign up for a newsletter, and to contact the trainer via forms.

I have chosen the content and inclusions for the site to fulfil the basic requirements of a self-employed individual engaged in a service occupation, related to my learning needs, my capabilities and skills, and on what I believe I can effectively achieve within the specified timeframe. The site is structured so that it can be updated with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss and time, and for further expansion if required, and as my knowledge of programming expands.

Examples of proposed content for expansion of the site would be an interactive booking system, online payments, a blog, apps for smartphones, and social media integration such as Facebook 'like', Twitter feeds, etc.




Proposed Functionality and Contingency Plans

Tabbed navigation and header and footer content, to be delivered to each of the site pages via separate linked PHP files. Contingency plan is to create an HTML template page to create the site pages.

A CSS file to style all site pages for screen and print. Separate specific CSS files may be used for specific page elements that will be delivered via a PHP server-side 'include', eg form pages. A contingency plan is not likely to be required.

Newsletter signup form, using JavaScript/Jquery and PHP to validate on client and server sides, respectively, to populate database of users who have signed up for newsletter. Contingency plan would be for form to send email to trainer’s account, for manual email list setup.

Contact Form incorporating captcha code, using Javascript and PHP to validate on client and server sides, respectively. As this is a small business, contact form will be submitted to an email account rather than a database. Contingency plan is to include a mailto: link.

Image galleries, using Javascript/Jquery to add interactivity to images. Contingency plan unlikely to be required, but would be to display the images and text using XHTML and CSS.

Exercise FAQs, using CSS and/or JavaScript toggle slider to show/hide content for each topic. Contingency plan is to display the content without show/hide functionality, which would require the user to scroll a bit further. Alternatively, different categories could be shown on different pages.


The targeted (and expected) users of this site are adults from about age 15 onwards, with a broad range of specific or general fitness and training needs, either individually or as part of a group. These could include sports-specific, injury/rehabilitation, weight loss, general fitness, targeted training or age-specific.

Personas and Scenarios

Sally Burton

needs to prepare for this year’s City-to-Surf, having been dragged into participating by workmates.


Sally is a vivacious 24 year old web developer. Long hours in front of a computer screen, working, gaming, or social networking, together with too many of her favourite pizza or Mexican meals washed down with energy drinks, have made her overweight and unfit. Her workmates are entering a team in this year’s City-to-Surf, which they plan to use to raise money for Diabetes Australia, following the overweight office manager’s recent diagnosis of type two diabetes at age 40.

Sally’s attempts at jogging and doing exercises have not resulted in much weight loss, and she doesn't feel much fitter. Sally decides to get professional help. She’s not looking forward to the fun run, but in addition to the benefits of fitness and health, maybe the hottie in Unit 8 will notice her in a good way?


On the train to work, Sally gets out her iPhone and types 'personal trainer sydney weight loss' into Google, with the confidence and fluidity typical of young, tech-savvy digital natives. Scanning the first page of results, she finds Ben's web page several places down in the list and taps the link, which opens the Training page on the site. Weight loss is one of the programs offered, and Sally reads the details. Stroking the screen to scroll down, she scans the schedule and locations, seeing that she can join an early morning boot camp in the park near her flat at Edgecliff, or have individual sessions at a place and time of her choosing. Sally taps the Exercise FAQs link, then taps a couple of question bars to display the answers, which she scans briefly before tapping the link for the Home page, which contains an image gallery. The testimonials seem genuine, and she really likes the photos--they look like real people, not genetic freaks. And how about the trainer? From the picture on the About page, he looks young, buff and could be good looking! At her desk, Sally loads Ben's website on her 'Big Mac', and checks the photos out in more detail before clicking on the Contact page link. She fills out the form, includes her phone number, chooses the consultation option from the drop-down menu and details her requirements in the message box. She types the captcha code then clicks the send button.

Cheng Li

needs to maintain fitness while recovering from surgery for twisted knee from playing basketball


Cheng is 20 years old, and is in his third year as an undergraduate in a Business degree at a University in Sydney. Cheng loves sport, and is a valued player in his University’s competitive basketball team. He recently underwent successful surgery for an anterior cruciate ligament injury in his left knee, and now that the doctor has given approval for Cheng to undertake exercise, he is keen to keep his strength and fitness up. Cheng’s physiotherapist has given Cheng the details of several personal trainers that might suit Cheng’s needs.


Settling down on his sofa, Cheng reaches for his iPad, which is always close by, especially after the surgery. He types in the URL for Ben's site. He simply wants to contact Ben (as well as the other trainers recommended by the physiotherapist), so doesn't spend time browsing the site. He taps the link to the Contact page. In less than two minutes he has selected the payment option from the drop-down and completed the contact form, asking about prices and saying that his physiotherapist has recommended talking to Ben about exercises. He doesn't leave his phone number as his cheap plan can be unreliable. After a quick look at the other trainers' sites, he puts his iPad down and switches on the cable TV sports channel, waiting for his friends to arrive.

Aurora Gasparelli

retired anaesthetic technician, needs to get fit to keep up with grandchildren


Aurora happily retired at 60 years old three years ago, having worked as an anaesthetic technician in a large public hospital for the bulk of her career. Now that she is no longer giving people needles to put them to sleep, she is busy enjoying her retirement, taking trips overseas and participating in various social groups (and the well-catered morning and afternoon teas at the group gatherings). Aurora has noticed recently that she is simply not in as good physical condition as she was when she was working. Additionally, several unwelcome kilos have crept onto her previously trim figure, possibly due to her indulging her passion for cooking, which has been encouraged by the plethora of lifestyle and cooking shows on television that she now has time to watch. Aurora is a doting grandmother to daughter Tina’s 3 year old twin boys ('the princes'), and wants to stay fit so she can keep up with them during her frequent babysitting sessions.

After reading the special liftout in the local paper in Seniors' Week in March, Aurora tore out the article about maintaining physical health in your 60s and beyond, and stuck it to the fridge. Ben and one of his clients were interviewed for the article, and Aurora thought he seemed quite sensible and down to earth for an apparently young man. The article included details of Ben's website.


Swiping the article from the fridge, Aurora starts up the desktop PC in her study, and types the URL for Ben's site into the browser's address bar. Aurora's son-in-law had set up the PC for her, and showed her the 'Control +' shortcut to increase the size of the font on screen. Aurora does this now, as she has left her reading glasses in the bedroom. For about 20 minutes, Aurora browses each page on the site, finally clicking the newsletter images on the Newsletter page. She decides to print the downloaded PDF of the March Newsletter, as she is interested in the article about Nutrition. She bookmarks the site, then copies Ben's mobile number onto the pad she keeps near the PC. Sociable and people-oriented, Aurora prefers to talk rather than email. She telephones Ben, leaving a voice message that she is inquiring about group classes for people in her age group. Shutting down the PC, Aurora picks up the printout of the newsletter, and drops it on the table near the sofa so she can read it after dinner.

Viktor Ulanov

bodybuilder, wrestling competitor, looking for a change of employment


Viktor, a 33-year old competitive bodybuilder and wrestler, is in peak physical condition. His recent wedding to Jana, the gym manager, was one of the extremely rare occasions where Viktor was not seen wearing sports gear. Filled with pride at the news that he is soon to become a father, Viktor decides that he has no need to continue competing and decides that he may be suited to working as a personal trainer, which would allow him to organise his work around helping look after the new baby, and not need to travel long distances or overseas to compete. Although Viktor would have no trouble getting clients as a wrestling coach, it would probably mean he would still have to travel almost as much as if he were competing and at this stage, branching out a little would probably be interesting.


Viktor wakes early, so decides to do a little informal research about personal training by looking at websites of personal trainers. Sitting down at their home computer, Viktor does a Google search of Sydney Personal Trainers which, not surprisingly, lists Ben’s website near the top of the results. The site opens at the Home page, but Viktor is not interested in pictures of people training. He clicks the About page link, and finds what he is looking for. He looks at Ben's stated qualifications and the types of training Ben offers, making a note to look up some of the qualifications to see what they involve, and what he should enrol in that would best suit people's requirements in his beloved home area of Bankstown. Viktor thinks their needs might differ a bit from those of people in the Eastern Suburbs. Viktor then clicks the Newsletter link and enters his details to sign up for the email newsletter. He uses a false name, and an anonymous email account. He is quite well-known, and prefers to remain anonymous, so types 'rehab' and 'pregnancy exercise' as suggested topics, rather than the more obvious 'bodybuilding'. He hears his wife coming out of the bedroom, closing the site window as the sounds of her daily morning sickness routine herald her start to the day.

Roland deVille and Marco Gomez

need to improve strength and fitness to prepare for building floats for next year’s Mardi Gras

Roland and Marco

Roland, 44, has long been an active member of Sydney’s Gay community. For the past two years he has tried to encourage Marco, his 46 year-old partner of two years, to participate in Mardi Gras. Marco has reluctantly agreed, but would prefer to work behind the scenes building floats and props, rather than participate in the parade itself. Roland, ever the organiser, sensibly suggests that they embark on a fitness programme they can stick to so they can manage what will be quite a physical job. Roland, a banker, and Marco, an architect, are not terribly active at work, but they live relatively close to the city in Paddington's Oxford Street, so on fine days they walk between home and their offices near Circular Quay. Not at all sports-oriented, their activities out of work hours centre around attending the theatre and singing in a choir.

Roland wants to employ a personal trainer so that he and Marco can train together, and hopefully get a discounted rate. As a banker, he keeps an eye on the dollars. Group training doesn't appeal. Roland remembers that one of their friends is happy with a trainer called Ben who runs some sessions for groups and individuals at a gym near Edgecliff.


At work, Roland does a Google search for 'Ben Edgecliff Trainer' and finds Ben's site towards the bottom of the first page of results. He browses each tab on the site, and is fairly sure this is the trainer their friend mentioned. He bookmarks the site, and prints out the pages detailing Ben's qualifications, the types of training offered and the exercise FAQs to take home to discuss with Marco; much more sociable and personal than discussions over a computer screen. The two of them have an agreement to strictly limit computer time at home, because they spend so much time on a computer at work. After discussing the idea, they agree that Roland should contact Ben the next day using the email link on the Contact page, rather than the form, so they can be certain they have a copy of the sent email.

System Architecture Diagram

System Architecture

Database Structure for Newsletter Signup

Database Structure

Site Structure

The site structure should provide maximum flexibility and efficiency relating to code sourcing and styling by using linked files for styling and scripting functionality, and for outputting HTML.

Repeating content such as navigation, header and footer should be in separate files and incorporated into pages using PHP server-side includes. Discrete content such as forms can be in external files, and incorporated as objects, as appropriate.

Pages are to be coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict, with links to separate CSS style sheets for styling and placement of elements on the page. One general CSS file is to be used for all site pages. Content that is coded in separate files, such as forms and slideshow, can have specific style sheets linked to the page containing the coding/scripting for the content.

Small amounts of JavaScript, specific to one page, can be embedded within the relevant page. Larger JavaScripts, that have or could have multiple applications, eg validation scripts, should be in linked files.

Jquery scripts should link to Google-hosted Jquery libraries.

Site Structure


Home Page Wireframe

About Page Wireframe

Sessions and Programs Page Wireframe

ExerciseFAQs Page Wireframe

Newsletter Page Wireframe

Contact Page Wireframe

Phasing | Schedule

Define Project | 28 Feb - 6 March
Preparation | 7 March – 8 May
Technical Design
Visual Design
Develop | 9 May – 28 May
29 May | Launch
5 June | Submit Project


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